Trace file convert

Posted on February 25, 2008


Do you need to use the excellent RMLUtilities (in particular ReadTrace) against SQL Server 2008 trace files? Well, ReadTrace does not support 2008 yet but if you need to convert your files , please try this free utility:

Trace Convert

This is a command line tool, simply jump to the command line and use as follows:

trace.convert.exe -iC:TraceFiles (or any other folder).

Trace Convert will then convert all trace (.trc) files in this folder so that they can be used with ReadTrace. You can optionally include -r so that is converts trace files in all sub folders (recursively).

If you have a new SQL 2008 database and have used the new datatypes, this tool is not guaranteed to work as expected and you should wait until the new readtrace has been released that is compatible with SQL 2008. However, this is very handy for upgraded SQL 2005/2000 databases where you want to analyse trace output of re-playable traces.

Give it a try and see if it helps you..

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