Integrated Full Text Search is nearly there

Posted on April 28, 2008


Having not long arrived back in the UK and with good intentions to blog like mad during my trip to Seattle, my health whilst out visiting Microsoft unfortunately wasn’t permitting me to do much else after the work I was there to do.

I will be posting a more concise post later this week about the time I spent with iFTS. However, I would like to say it is certainly a version 1.0 product in it’s current CTP6 form.

We (as a company) will have issues replacing our Yukon (2005) boxes with 2008, partly due to the way we have improved performance in 2005; crazy, I know. So, if you use multiple ISABOUT terms, have laden your full text indexes with TOKENs to improve overall performance in 2005 you will have potentially a chunk of changes to your existing database(s) awaiting you.

It may be that we use full text in a way unlike any other company in the world… but this is unlikely.

I will also post some information about ISABOUT and WEIGHT terms, there isn’t too much on the internet about the usage of ISABOUT and how the WEIGHT affects the ranking so I will help to improve that.

The fantastic developers at Microsoft, specifically the full text search team , I am sure will be working like mad to resolve issues and improve the overall performance. There is a lot to be excited about in SQL Server 2008 and iFTS does have huge potential.