FDHost Account Password Expiry Issue In CTP6

Posted on April 30, 2008


Simon Sabin posted about this a few weeks back but I hit the issue he described today so I wanted to write about it and what I had to do.

The issue I am talking about is related to the account Full Text host uses to perform out of process tasks. This account, in CTP6, is created when CTP6 is installed. However it will use whatever default expiry conditions you have within your infrastructure.

Now, all this was fine when we first did some testing. However, coming back to it today I needed to drop some full text indexes and create them again. I dropped them but when I tried to create them, the full crawl wasn’t working. After checking the error log, it was clear that root cause of this was the FDHost Account’s password had expired….

On our system, the user name was called FDH$MSSQLSERVER. As per Simon’s post, the first step is to change the password on your Server and set any expiry details you need to (e.g. not expire). Next you will need to sync this with SQL Server. There is Stored Procedure for this, which can be used as follows:

EXEC sp_fulltext_resetfdhostaccount
@username = ‘FDH$MSSQLSERVER’,
@password = ‘Katmai2008’

This worked nicely. However, to get the full text index to start to work you need to give it a little kick. You can RESUME the population of the index by running:




If you are not sure of the indexes that haven’t been populated yet and want to resume all of them , you can run this simple query to generate the script needed. Then simple run the script that gets returned.




WHERE has_crawl_completed = 0

By the way, this issue has been fixed in the RC0 (refresh) release due out in May. It will now ask you to specify an account to use for the FDHost process. Upgrading an existing install will also prompt you to change this. However, if anyone is using CTP6 currently you might have the same issue I experienced today.

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