Cushy CMS

Posted on January 19, 2009


Recently, I have had to update a really old website I did for a client  , it was based on ASP (classic!) but essentially was static pages of content. What I really wanted was a way for them to update the site easily themselves but I didn’t want to spend time re-writing it as this was a freebie.

So, I thought to myself – there must be a free CMS out there that didn’t need a db and just allowed you to change the content with minimal setup.. well, it look a little bit of google magic but I found one.

This is really neat for anyone who has the need to allow updates to any website (even if parts of it are dynamic).

The CMS is called Cushy CMS ( It basically gives you the ability to “allow” specific content to be updated by decorating your pages with a special class name.

It works like this. You make a change to any DIV or any tag that allows a class to be specified and add a “cushycms” class name. Then, you login to your cushycms account and add the site details (ftp) and assign pages. Any page you assign that has the special class names on them will be editable.


There is one alternative I found after which I think works exactly the same way, its called SurrealCMS (

Worth checking it out.

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