Hands off the database

Posted on July 9, 2009


Being a SQL dev I generally poo poo most ORM tools, I want control over what SQL Server does – you know, I can squeeze so much more performance out of the queries than any mapping tool can.

However, there comes a time when maybe you just want to select some data and do that as easily as possible – most small to medium sized sites probably require basic querying and really dont need some whizzy dba to get the last drop of performance out of the db.

I have been very impressed lately by Subsonic, in particular Subsonic 3 as it introduces the best hands-off approach to databases out of all the ORM tools out there. In version 3 of this mighty tool , it comes with something called the SimpleRepository . What this does is really take away the need to worry about the database. You simply create a class to represent your object (table) and when you select, insert with that object it creates (migrations) the database objects if they are not there. It also handles changes, performaing an ALTER on the fly.

For more information on this , please visit http://subsonicproject.com

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