Raven takes flight in a sky of vultures

Posted on May 11, 2010


Tuesday 18th May sees the official launch event of RavenDB, Ayende Rahien’s (real name Oren Eini) NOSQL database for the .NET world.

I have been grabbing the source and compiling each iteration of RavenDB since early on in its development and have seen unbelievable performance and feature changes since. I truly think Ayende has created a substancial contribution to the ever growing market for non-relational databases. I very much doubt Facebook or Twitter will be moving over to RavenDB due to platform/technology choices but its definitely one to watch out for or try for yourself.

Dont know anything about non-relational databases, stuck in MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL land? Well, check out this very good resource on NOSQL and the various database types that fall under this banner.


The main four being:

  • Document Store (This is what RavenDB is)
  • Key Value / Tuple Store
  • Graph Databases
  • Object Databases

If you want to come along and see RavenDB live, the event details are as follows:

What: In The Brain of Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien: Introduction into Raven DB
Where: The Skills Matter eXchange, London
When: 18 May 2010    Starts at  18:30


Curious about RavenDB?; go get, compile the source for RavenDB at http://github.com/ravendb/ravendb

Alternatively, read the comprehensive docs at http://groups.google.com/group/ravendb

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