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SQL Server 2008 Full Text slowness

September 16, 2008


A possible fix to slow performance in SQL 2008 integrated full text search.

Full Text Search Word Breaker

September 4, 2008


Question on Full Text Search Word Breaker for Gemany

SQL Server 2008 Express Tools

August 27, 2008


Advanced services and tools now available for SQL Server 2008

Refreshing Stored Procedure Cached Plan

June 26, 2008


A nice and easy one but worth sharing. We had an issue on our dev environment where the stored procedure managed to get a really yucky query plan, to resolve this you can DROP and CREATE the procedure or you can use sp_recompile. To use , you call sp_recompile with the object name you want […]

Ranking Methods in Full Text Search

April 29, 2008


This is direct from MSDN but I was asked about this specifically so I thought I’d post about it. If anyone has used full text search you will know that the default way it ranks results is pretty good. It uses a known method called Jaccard Coefficient. However, there are times when you might want […]

Integrated Full Text Search is nearly there

April 28, 2008


Having not long arrived back in the UK and with good intentions to blog like mad during my trip to Seattle, my health whilst out visiting Microsoft unfortunately wasn’t permitting me to do much else after the work I was there to do. I will be posting a more concise post later this week about […]

Fulltext index creation taking a long time?

April 23, 2008


This may be only relevant to 2008 but if you find Fulltext index creation taking a long time to complete you may be affected by a potential bug in CTP6. If you are experiencing this problem you can try running the following statement prior to the creation of the index. This will disable the checking […]