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SQL Server 2008 Full Text slowness

September 16, 2008


A possible fix to slow performance in SQL 2008 integrated full text search.

FDHost Account Password Expiry Issue In CTP6

April 30, 2008


Simon Sabin posted about this a few weeks back but I hit the issue he described today so I wanted to write about it and what I had to do. The issue I am talking about is related to the account Full Text host uses to perform out of process tasks. This account, in CTP6, […]

Fulltext Fragmentation (iFTS)

February 24, 2008


One neat feature of SQL Server 2008 is the ability to see how fragmented your fulltext indexes are. By running the following you can see how many fragments you have. SELECT * FROM sys.fulltext_index_fragments The rule of thumb is that if you have between 30-50 fragments per table you should be thinking of reorganizing (REORGANIZE) […]

RML Utilities and named parameters

February 5, 2008


I have been doing some benchmark/tracing for Katmai and came across the excellent RML Utilities. However I wanted to blog about a bug in this which has meant that the ostress tool couldn’t be used to¬† replay the trace. ReadTrace allows you to read a trace file and output/split this into RML files (one per […]

Katmai release date

January 28, 2008


According to numerous blog posts, SQL Server 2008 should now be out Q3 2008. I agree with the majority on this that I am happy for this to be delayed as long as we get a stable product. Of course , if this slips any further it could be renamed to SQL Server 2009 however […]


January 25, 2008


As SQL Server 2008 CTP6 is now with us I will be doing a post on the new integrated full text search (iFTS) shortly. iFTS includes a number of key changes including support for STOPLIST, mixed query performance, thesaurus improvements and of course full text indexes are stored and maintained inside SQL Server now. There […]

More TVP..

January 21, 2008


I found this screencast on MSDN’s Channel9, its a great addition to Simon’s post especially if you are a more visual person. Table Valued Parameters