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Inserting the results of a stored procedure into a table

October 18, 2012


Recently, I needed to find out the schema of a resultset returned by a Stored Procedure so I could pass some failing SQL Unit Tests. I needed to know the columns, the column order and exact datatypes. Without access to a client to run the procedure I needed a way to do this with just […]

Testing tools for SQL development

August 22, 2012


I’ve recently put together an article on using SQL Test/tSQLt, which you can find here. However, I wanted to briefly talk about the alternatives as I see them. Before any commercial testing tools were around we could just use a combination of manual scripts that called procedures and used temporary tables to hold data. It […]

Test Driven Development in the world of SQL

August 22, 2012


Any software/web developer worth hiring would tell you that Test Driven Development is important. Although it takes time to do properly, ┬áIt can increase productivity as features tend to be developed with a clearer understanding of the problem and make changing business requirements much easier to implement. Importantly, your code quality will improve and there […]