RDBMS vs MongoDB concepts

August 12, 2011


I highly recommend this video about how the Guardian has implemented MongoDB; it talks about the history of their site’s development and the common evolution most large scale sites go through. http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Why-I-Chose-MongoDB-for-Guardian They compare concepts between traditional relational databases and MongoDB. Although specific to MongoDB, most NOSQL solutions have equivalent concepts, including RavenDb. Have you […]

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ASP.Net Page life cycle or Silver to his friends

May 25, 2011


A colleague mentioned this the other day and I noticed it wasn’t advertised much on the web so here it is, an easy way to remember the ASP.Net page life cycle. S – Start. (OnPreInit) I – Initialize. (OnInit, InitComplete, OnPreLoad) L – Load. (OnLoad) V – Validation. (Validate) E – Event Handling. (OnLoadComplete, OnPreRender, OnSaveStateComplete) R – Render. (Render) Oh […]

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Re-sequencing a sequence

April 20, 2011


Let’s say you have a table that is ordered by a column but also contains a sequence number used for overiding the order sequence. This table may look something like this Now, this initially is populated in sequence like so: You can see I deliberately left a gap for item ‘D’. If I was to […]

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SQL Server Spatial data; adding a radius around a geometry

June 24, 2010


SQL Server 2008 Spatial data; Applying a buffer or radius on a geometry using metres.

Raven takes flight in a sky of vultures

May 11, 2010


RavenDB launch event, hosted by Skillsmatter. Come and see Ayende talk and demonstrate RavenDb in action. Tuesday 18th May 2010, London.

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February 15, 2010


What is everybody’s thoughts on the NOSQL movement? Where do you see NOSQL databases working best or better than traditional relational databases?

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SQL Server 2008 32/64bit problem with BCP and spatial data

November 27, 2009


BCP cannot be used to transfer spatial data from 32bit to 64bit instance.

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